Messages - Updated 3/30/20

I know many of you are very worried about your fragile family members given COVID-19! We are as well…

If you require a needed procedure (shots or pump refill) we ARE seeing patients 30-45 minutes apart, so no one will to wait or pass other patients in the waiting room. We have plenty of hand sanitizers, masks, etc. Please call us to confirm your appointments.

We are asking patients with non-urgent appointments to do these via TELEHEALTH / E-VISITS as of March 23. Insurances have been notifying us that they are covering these services for this period. Please call us if you wish to CHANGE a scheduled appointment to TELEHEALTH, or RESCHEDULE to a later date.

To set up an E-Visit, you need to have a computer with camera and sound capability. You can request a visit through our PATIENT PORTAL or call us to set it up (262-527-1998).

To use the portal for an e-visit

You need to log into the Your Health File Patient Portal for NexGen, our electronic health record. If you have never logged in - we can send you a link via email to set this up. It's VERY easy.

At the time of your appointment, you log into the PORTAL, and “check in.” Then a video screen will pop up. We will also log on and be able to see and talk to you.

The portal is also good for requesting refills, confirming appointments, and sending us questions or other updates. So even if you are not planning to do an e-visit, get a portal login anyway! We’ll do the best we can under the circumstances!


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